1. Introduction

Adrian Lee & Partners is an independent, employee-owned asset manager that specialises in research-led currency and fixed income management. Adrian and the Partners are the original architects of active currency management for institutional investors. From the early days the firm undertook much of the industry’s primary currency research. Adrian Lee & Partners still holds the position of market leader by continually innovating and defining the sector. The company currently manages assets in excess of $12.5 billion at 2.5% tracking error from the offices in London and Dublin for Clients in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. We have had 24 years of positive performance.

About Us
2. Our defining Characteristics
  • Dedicated

    Dedicated active currency specialist for institutional investors, free from conflict issues

  • Long term

    Long term Clients relationships (0n average 5 years+)

  • Quantitative

    Quantitative fundamental currency research shared approach

3. Our investment philosophy relies on 3 premises

  1. Fundamental economic factors determine currency equilibrium over time

  2. Research-driven valuation analysis identifies departures from this equilibrium

  3. Experienced investment management can exploit these deviations to add return over time